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And although Trump was disappointed Putin wouldn't be attending the lavish event, he reportedly told an associate to spread word after the pageant aired that Putin had stopped by.

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Mueller, the former FBI director, is leading the probe into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the election, and whether Trump obstructed justice during the course of that probe.

Trump's lawyers worry that if he makes false statements during the interview, investigators could charge him with perjury, according to the Times.

A majority of respondents to a recent poll say they want Trump to agree to Mueller's request, but it's unclear what the president — and his lawyers — will ultimately decide.

A sit-down with Trump would give Mueller the opportunity to ask the president about a wide-range of issues related to the Russia investigation.

Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, were also at the meeting. Under pressure to explain the purpose of the meeting, Trump Jr.

Trump reportedly dictated that excuse aboard Air Force One on July 8, The president's aides apparently urged him to draft a truthful statement that could not be repudiated if more details about the meeting emerged, but he overruled them.

Two weeks later, Mark Corallo, the former spokesman for Trump's legal team, resigned. In January , the controversial author Michael Wolff claimed in his book, "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House," that Corallo resigned because he viewed Trump's dictation to his son as possible obstruction of justice.

Mueller has already requested an interview with Corallo. When they meet, Corallo is expected to tell Mueller that White House communications director Hope Hicks reassured Trump that the true nature of the Trump Tower meeting "will never get out," suggesting that she was planning to conceal or destroy the evidence," according to The Times.

On February 13, , Trump fired his national security adviser, Michael Flynn, who served just 22 days on the job.

But in a tweet last year, Trump wrote that he knew Flynn had lied to the FBI and that was the reason he fired him. That would suggest that Trump fired Comey, at least in part, to prevent him from pursuing charges against Flynn.

Flynn pleaded guilty. Three months after Flynn's ouster, Trump fired Comey, citing Comey's handling of the FBI's investigation into Clinton's use of a private email server to conduct government business.

He also reportedly told two top Russian government officials, one day after dismissing Comey, that his firing had taken "great pressure" off of him.

Comey's firing prompted Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to appoint a special counsel to continue the Russia investigation. Rosenstein was overseeing the Russia probe because Attorney General Jeff Sessions previously recused himself from taking any investigative role in the investigation since he met with Kislyak, the Russian diplomat, during the presidential campaign.

Trump has criticized Sessions for his recusal, calling him beleaguered and saying that he never would have appointed Sessions as attorney general if he knew he would recuse himself.

Trump has also repeatedly attacked Comey, saying, in one instance , that his leadership at the FBI was "a disaster. During a potential interview with the president, Mueller is reportedly expected to home in on Trump's rationale for firing Comey, as well as reports that Trump asked him for a loyalty pledge during a private dinner in January Jacarezinho, one of the largest favelas in Rio de Janeiro, is home to a modeling agency that aims to challenge stereotypes and galvanize the community.

More than just an economic opportunity—Guimaraes had less than a dollar to his name before he began attending casting calls—fashion, for these underserved youth, is a chance to bolster self-esteem, cultivate creativity, and achieve a purpose.

It is a portal to self-actualization. Dianne Feinstein's unilateral release of the Senate Judiciary Committee's August interview with Fusion GPS cofounder Glenn Simpson was applauded by those who called it a win for transparency — and a nail in the coffin of GOP lawmakers' attempts to distract from the probe into potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Others, however, viewed the content of Simpson's testimony as validation of a talking point often repeated by President Donald Trump and his allies in the media and Congress: Fusion GPS was working both for the Russians and against Trump — albeit on separate projects — during the election.

The accusation lacks the necessary nuance — Fusion was working for an American law firm, Baker Hostetler, that had been hired by a Russian holding company, Prevezon, as part of a money laundering case in New York's Southern District court.

In late , Fusion was hired by the Republican megadonor Paul Singer to work on an entirely separate project: opposition research on Trump.

That research, according to Simpson's testimony, was done using open-source information and covered a wide range of subjects, including the Trump family's reported use of sweat shops in Asia and South America to produce Trump-branded merchandise.

Christopher Steele , the former British spy who had spent decades on the Moscow desk at the UK's foreign intelligence service MI6, was not the only subcontractor Fusion hired to research Trump, Simpson said.

But his research on Trump's Russia ties, conducted between June through December , was arguably the most explosive. Once the timeline of Fusion's projects had been established, Senate investigators asked Simpson whether any of Fusion's employees or subcontractors worked on both the Prevezon and Steele projects.

Simpson told investigators that Edward Baumgartner, who has a degree in Russian language and runs his own consulting firm similar to Fusion but with a focus on Russia and Ukraine worked on both projects.

Simpson said he had been impressed by Baumgartner's "knowledge of the region and his general abilities," which, for Fusion and Baker Hostetler, mostly involved discovery — gathering Russian language documents, reading media reports, and interviewing witnesses who speak Russian.

Baumgartner, a fluent Russian speaker, said he was hired by Fusion to serve as "an interface" with Veselnitskaya, who does not speak much English.

They worked "very closely" together in Washington and Moscow, Baumgartner said, reviewing documents and finding witnesses who could bolster Prevezon's case.

He said he overheard Veselnitskaya speaking by phone to the Russian prosecutor, Yuri Chaika, several times in a way that struck him as being "friendly, like a family friend," rather than hierarchical.

Chaika's relationship with Veselnitskaya was heavily scrutinized last summer after Donald Trump Jr. Veselnitskaya attended a meeting at Trump Tower on June 9, She brought with her what she considered to be dirt on Clinton and the Democrats: a memo that suggested the American firm Ziff Brothers Investments — which she said had helped Browder illegally buy up Gazprom shares — had "financed the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Trump's campaign chairman Paul Manafort and son-in-law Jared Kushner were similarly unimpressed, according to their own recollections of the rendezvous.

It is not clear whether that was the only document Veselnitskaya brought to the meeting. But a memo that closely mirrored the one Veselnitskaya brought with her had been given by Chaika's office to US Rep.

Dana Rohrabacher two months earlier , suggesting a degree of coordination between Veselnitskaya and the Russian government. Baumgartner, for his part, said the last time he met with Veselnitskaya face-to-face was sometime in early June — possibly the day of the Trump Tower meeting, but he couldn't recall the exact date.

Veselnitskaya didn't tell Simpson about the meeting, either, according to his congressional testimony. Baumgartner said that while he stopped dealing with Veselnitskaya in June , his legal involvement with the Prevezon case formally ended in October By that point, he had been working with Fusion GPS on its election-related opposition research for about three months.

I would have had nothing to add, anyway. I produce memos based on information that is in the public record that can be given to the feds or shared with journalists.

Baumgartner declined to speak in detail about the election-related work he did for Fusion. But he said his responsibilities involved, among other things, writing reports that compiled "everything publicly known" about Trump campaign associates like Carter Page and Manafort.

With regard to what Fusion told journalists about the research it had been doing throughout , Simpson, like Baumgartner, said the firm discussed things with reporters that were already "in the public record.

Simpson went on in the testimony to describe in more detail how Fusion went about analyzing the raw intelligence Steele reported back to the firm from his sources in Russia and elsewhere.

Sergei Ivanov, who served as Putin's chief of staff until August ,was managing the election interference operation, according to Steele's sources.

Steele was wary of being fed disinformation, Simpson told the committee. A central concern among those scrutinizing the overlap between Fusion's work for Prevezon and its Trump-related research was whether the Russians would catch wind of that project and plant disinformation to undermine it.

And I'm not telling you that. I'm telling you that I don't believe this is disinformation. The specific importance of such a deposition is hard to judge.

The New York Times reports that Mueller seems interested in topics that would imply more of a focus on the possibility of obstruction of justice than on collusion with Russia during the campaign, but that is somewhat speculative.

Assuming the deposition occurs, Trump will make political history as only the fifth sitting president to be deposed, following in the footsteps of Ulysses Grant, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and, most consequentially Bill Clinton—whose lie about not having a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky in a deposition led to his impeachment.

For Trump, however, depositions are familiar territory. In , he said during a deposition that he had done more than over the course of his career.

Transcripts, and in one case video, of three depositions taken over the last decade provide a fascinating look into how the prolifically dissembling president behaves when he is under oath.

The Donald Trump who emerges from these depositions is the same but different from the one familiar to Americans today. He is just as apt to bluster and braggadocio, and sometimes peevish.

But within the confines of conference rooms and offices, he is calmer, more restrained, and more deliberate than his public persona, and with the tether of his oath holding him back, often acknowledges when he is wrong or has misrepresented things in the past.

Fact-checkers have made tallying the lies and untruths that the president delivers nearly a competitive sport. Trump is personally involved in everything that his name represents.

Q: So did you have any understanding when you signed the lease as to what your rights were relative to getting damages against the tenant in the event of a default by the tenant?

Trump: No. When I signed the lease, you know, my son said we have the lease, so I signed the lease. But, really, they knew it much better than I did.

So I rely—so I very rarely get too involved in it. The Post found 30 occasions in that deposition alone where Trump admitted to making false statements.

Instead, he found repeated ways to explain his untruths. Why had he claimed to own 50 percent of a business when he only owned 30? He had decided that the value to his brand made up another grand.

The reason, he said, was that it varied, and just not with the market. You always want to put the best foot forward. In most cases, videos of his appearances are not available.

In a suit over Trump University, for example, transcripts of two depositions were released , but Judge Gonzalo Curiel yes, the one Trump said was biased against him because of his Mexican heritage blocked the release of the videos.

But in the Trump Hotel case, videos were released. They show a Trump who is calm and deliberate, and while his speaking style is recognizable, he seems to take his time and consider answers and thoughts far more carefully than he does in public appearances.

For the first half of the Trump Hotel deposition, Trump sits with his arms crossed, looking cross. In other cases, he is even more querulous.

Later, he scolded the lawyer as she handed him documents. Would that be okay? Some of his irritability may represent a strategic choice. But Trump seems to get in on the act, too.

He often acts aggrieved about certain lines of questioning or treats the opposing lawyers as though their questions are preposterous.

He also repeatedly goes on tangents, bragging about the value of his business or about his political success or whatever else might strike his fancy, even as he accuses opposing counsel of filibustering.

These techniques for running out the clock, as well as the penchant for projection, will be familiar to anyone who watched Trump debate in or It helps that Trump claims to have done practically no preparation for the Trump University and Trump Hotel depositions.

I spoke with my counsel for a short period of time. But Trump clearly had little knowledge of how Trump University ran.

He could not explain what students received in the apprentice or Gold Elite programs. I mean, I have lawyers that do this.

It could be. There is at this point no doubt that Trump aides were in contact with Russia, both before and after the election, and that they for some reason tried to cover it up.

While the question of collusion is basically settled, there is not yet any evidence to prove that crimes were committed—nor, importantly, is there any evidence that proves that Donald Trump was aware of any of these contacts.

But the depositions show that Trump is also experienced in the favorite tactic of people being asked uncomfortable questions under oath: Profess having no recollection.

A fierce, but muted, battle erupted last year between banker-turned-human-rights activist Bill Browder and the opposition research firm Fusion GPS, which produced the explosive, unverified dossier that detailed President Donald Trump's alleged ties to, and escapades in, Russia.

Dianne Feinstein, unilaterally released the transcript of an interview the committee conducted last August with Fusion's cofounder, Glenn Simpson.

In the interview, Simpson said his work for the American law firm BakerHostetler — which was representing the Russian holding company, Prevezon, accused by the US government of laundering money into New York City real-estate — was focused "on trying to get William Browder to testify under oath about his role in this case and his activities in Russia.

Browder, according to Simpson, had told the Justice Department that the laundered money was stolen from Russia as part of the tax-fraud scheme that his lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, had uncovered in Magnitsky was arrested and imprisoned that year, and Browder's reputation has become inextricably linked to the global human-rights campaign he launched after Magnitsky died in prison in Simpson told lawmakers in August that Browder would not answer any of BakerHostetler's questions about Magnitsky and Prevezon's purported involvement in the tax-fraud scheme.

Browder also evaded subpoenas, Simpson said. Browder, a wealthy investor who renounced his US citizenship in , has characterized Fusion's work for BakerHostetler as a "smear campaign" and tweeted on Tuesday that Simpson repeated "old and false Russian government attacks on me and Sergei Magnitsky.

In December , Browder lodged a formal complaint with the Department of Justice alleging that Fusion's work for BakerHostetler on behalf of Prevezon violated disclosure requirements.

That complaint caught the eye of Republican Sen. Grassley's interest in the firm wasn't limited to its connection to the Prevezon case.

He also wanted the Justice Department to investigate Fusion's role in overseeing "the creation of the unsubstantiated dossier of allegations of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians" — the Trump-Russia dossier compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele.

Fusion has said that it was hired by an American law firm, which the firm argues would not put it in violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Fusion said in a previous statement that the president's "political allies are targeting Fusion GPS because the firm was reported to be the first to raise the alarm over [the] Trump campaign's links to Russia.

Grassley and Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham sent a criminal referral about Steele to the Justice Department last week asking officials to probe whether Steele had lied to federal agents about his contacts with the media.

But a spokesperson for Grassley, Taylor Foy, disputed last year that Grassley's interest in Fusion is politically motivated. Fusion has denied that its opposition research against Browder on behalf of BakerHostetler was an effort to undermine the Magnitsky Act.

The basis for that claim is that Browder was never able to prove that Prevezon engaged in the tax-fraud scheme Magnitsky allegedly uncovered.

Veselnitsksya and Akhmetshin met with Donald Trump Jr. The New York Times disclosed the meeting last summer, prompting reporters to scrutinize Veselnitskaya's relationship with Simpson in an attempt to understand who she is, who she works for, and who works for her.

Simpson told the committee in August that he had known Veselnitskaya since , through their involvement with the Prevezon case, and had known Akhmetshin since he was a reporter at The Wall Street Journal.

Simpson testified that, despite having met with Veselnitskaya and Akhmetshin both before and after the Trump Tower meeting to discuss the Prevezon case, he was not made aware of her rendezvous with the high-level campaign officials.

Asked about Veselnitskaya in an email last summer, Browder responded with a PowerPoint presentation that he said highlighted the role she played in trying to get the Magnitsky Act repealed in She had help, the slide deck asserts, from some of the "best and brightest minds" in Washington, including Simpson.

Browder characterized Simpson as "a bit player" and said his vendetta was against "Vladimir Putin, who murdered Magnitsky and covered up the crimes of his officials.

Some, primarily those sympathetic to Moscow, dispute Browder's story about Magnitsky. People close to Simpson contend he is not necessarily one of them.

Indeed, Simpson told lawmakers that he was "extremely sympathetic for what happened to Sergei Magnitsky. But Simpson and Browder have a somewhat bitter history that has become increasingly politicized amid the intensifying probes into Russia's meddling in the presidential election and the Trump campaign's possible role in it.

Simpson told lawmakers in August that Browder "was willing to, you know, hand stuff off to the DOJ anonymously in the beginning and cause them to launch a court case against somebody, but he wasn't interested in speaking under oath about, you know, why he did that, his own activities in Russia.

He said Fusion had uncovered evidence that Browder sought to evade taxes in Russia using "dozens of shell companies in Cyprus and other tax havens," adding that one of his "interests or even obsessions over the last decade has been corruption in Russia and Russian kleptocracy and the police state that was there.

He characterized Browder's behavior in the Prevezon proceedings as "a determined effort to avoid testifying under oath," which included "running away from subpoenas and making "lurid allegations" against Fusion.

Browder pushed back on that claim in a tweet on Tuesday: "Simpson forgot to mention in his testimony-that subpoena was quashed by the court," he wrote.

Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, on Tuesday released the full transcript of the committee's interview with the cofounder of the firm that produced the collection of memos outlining alleged collusion between President Donald Trump's campaign and Russia.

Glenn Simpson, the cofounder of Fusion GPS, said in the transcript that the opposition research dossier's author went to the FBI in July when he became worried that then-candidate Trump was being blackmailed.

Feinstein's decision to release the transcript unilaterally came after weeks of back-and-forth between the committee and Fusion GPS, whose cofounders asked that the transcripts be released in a recent op-ed published by the New York Times.

The committee's Republican chairman, Chuck Grassley, said on Monday that he was not planning to release the transcript yet. He said in August that the committee would vote on whether to release the page testimony, but that vote never came to fruition.

Grassley and his Republican colleague, Sen. Lindsey Graham, surprised Democrats last Friday when they issued a criminal referral to the Justice Department for Steele.

The only way to set the record straight is to make the transcript public. Feinstein for her courage. Steele first spoke with an FBI contact in Rome about his findings in late June or early July, Simpson said, shortly after he wrote his first memo.

Steele "said he was professionally obligated" to report those findings to the FBI, according to Simpson. So it was like that. So I just said if that's your obligation, then you should fulfill your obligation.

Simspon said Steele thought there was "a security issue about whether a presidential candidate was being blackmailed. From my perspective there was a law enforcement issue about whether there was an illegal conspiracy to violate the campaign laws, and then somewhere in this time the whole issue of hacking has also surfaced.

But it is not clear whether the bureau told Steele about the ongoing investigation when agents sat down with him in September. He added later that he did not know whether the source came from inside the Trump Organization or from the Trump campaign.

A source close to Fusion told Business Insider on Tuesday that Simpson did not know who the human source was at the time he testified.

The FBI's source turned out to be an Australian diplomat, who had reported comments made by Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos one evening in May Papadopoulos told the diplomat that the Russians had dirt on Hillary Clinton in the form of emails.

When the Democratic National Committee was hacked, the Australians put two-and-two together and told the US government.

Steele was also irked by the letter that Comey sent to Congress on October 28, effectively reopening the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Simpson attended the voluntary interview in August with his lawyer, Josh Levy, and gave extensive responses to questions ranging from how he became involved in the Trump opposition research project — which was initially funded by the wealthy Republican donor Paul Singer and later picked up by Democrats — to his longtime relationship with Steele.

Asked at one point to describe how he went about vetting Steele's sources, however, Simpson declined. Simpson, a former Wall Street Journal reported, said the mandate at first was not centered on Trump's ties to Russia.

It wasn't really a Russia-focused investigation for the first half of it. Simpson said he and his colleagues ordered every book about Trump that they could find on Amazon to make sure that they were not duplicating information that had already been reported.

Much of their initial research, if not all of it, focused on Trump's financial history. They were particularly struck by Trump's ties to people with links to Russian organized crime, including Trump's former business associate Felix Sater.

Ultimately, Fusion became interested in what Trump had done on his trips to Russia. That's when Simpson called up Steele, whom he had known and worked with since We can argue about what's prudent and what's not, but it's not a fabrication.

Prevezon was also represented at the time by a Russian lawyer named Natalia Veselnitskaya, who met with the Trump campaign in June at Trump Tower.

Simpson said Fusion's work with BakerHostetler and Steele were not related in any way, and that he did not know about the Trump Tower meeting at the time.

Glenn Simpson interview transcript by natasha bertrand on Scribd. Yet Twitter—a platform that encourages glib and impulsive comments —adds an extra element of volatility to the delicate balance that deterrence requires.

They could even, writes Eliot A. Cohen, be a sign of impending war. Veronique Greenwood wonders: Why do living things sleep?

Ask researchers this question, and listen as, like clockwork, a sense of awe and frustration creeps into their voices.

This hardly seems conducive to living to fight another day. That such a risky habit is so common, and so persistent, suggests that whatever is happening is of the utmost importance.

Whatever sleep gives to the sleeper is worth tempting death over and over again, for a lifetime. Keep reading here, as Greenwood joins an international team of scientists trying to solve the mystery of sleep.

In another tweet, from last week, Trump pointed to record-breaking low temperatures as proof that global warming is not a threat to the planet, suggesting that he might not even be interested in understanding climate change.

Test your knowledge below:. Scroll down for the answer, or find it here. From , W. Du Bois describes the internal conflict of his African American identity:.

One feels his two-ness,—an American, a Negro; two souls, two thoughts, two unreconciled strivings; two warring ideals in one dark body, whose dogged strength alone keeps it from being torn asunder.

The history of the American Negro is the history of this strife,—this longing to attain self-conscious manhood, to merge his double self into a better and truer self.

In this merging he wishes neither of the older selves to be lost. He does not wish to Africanize America, for America has too much to teach the world and Africa; he does not with to bleach his Negro blood in a flood of white Americanism, for he believes—foolishly, perhaps, but fervently—that Negro blood has yet a message for the world.

He simply wishes to make it possible for a man to be both a Negro and an American without being cursed and spit upon by his fellows, without losing the opportunity of self-development.

Read more here, and see more from our archives here. Wray remembers the day from that year when his father was murdered:. After a few minutes, my brother Joe asked [our mother] what was going to happen to us.

That spring and summer were rough-and-tumble days of protests and movements; and brutal, violent assassinations of Martin Luther King in April and Robert Kennedy in June.

We felt all of the stress, tension, and energy of the times in our small town and in our black neighborhood within that small town. It was in those times—in that climate—that my mother had to decide what to do next in her life and for us, her children.

Stories rejected, modernity sought, saga continued, mystery explained. Do you or a loved one have a birthday coming up? Sign up for a birthday shout-out here, and click here to explore the Timeline feature for yourself.

Did you get this newsletter from a friend? Sign yourself up here. Ahead of the New Year, the investigation into the Trump campaign's potential collusion with Russia during the presidential election remained relatively quiet, as it has since former national security adviser Michael Flynn's dramatic indictment at the start of this month.

Special counsel Robert Mueller III dove into the Trump campaign's data operations, while the concurrent congressional investigations took a closer look at the details of the June Trump Tower meeting between Donald Trump Jr.

On the sidelines of all of this were continued attacks on the FBI's integrity, which were matched by pushback from its defenders, as well a more conciliatory, yet telling, approach from Trump toward Mueller's probe.

Francis Rooney said Tuesday that he wants to see the upper ranks of the FBI purged of politically motivated agents who he believes are working for what he called the "deep state.

Bush, fired back against the suggestion , saying FBI director Christopher Wray should stand up to Trump and his allies' dictatorial attacks on the agency.

Mueller is currently spearheading the FBI's investigation into Russia's interference in the election , including whether members of Trump's campaign colluded with Moscow to tilt the election in his favor.

The two rap greats will compete in a number of top categories, including album of the year and record of the year. Mars earned the third most nominations with six, while Gambino, the music alter-ego of Donald Glover, earned five nominations.

Best Album Notes: Arthur Q. The Stereotypes. Una gran familia aparentemente bien avenida'. Como dice uno de sus protagonistas, Carlos Bardem, "se trata de un cruce entre 'Dallas' y 'Falcon Crest' donde todos son J.

Donald Trump Jr. In some cases, Trump Jr. In one instance, for example, he tweeted a link it had sent his way.

The messaging, which WikiLeaks initiated during the election and continued as recently as July, was not previously known to the public.

The earliest known conversations came as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and his organization were under immense scrutiny for their role in disseminating stolen Democratic emails.

Most of the public discussion about the Russia investigation centers on the question of collusion between Moscow and the Trump campaign to undermine Clinton.

That same provision also forbids campaign officials from soliciting such a donation. And so the question that came up during the last Don Jr.

Indeed, it was WikiLeaks that solicited from Trump Jr. Even if the exchanges did show Trump Jr. We have guessed the password.

Any comments? But Trump Jr. Orin Kerr, a George Washington University law professor who specializes in computer-crime law, said that doing so would violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Prosecutions under the CFAA are relatively uncommon. Kerr estimated that federal prosecutors use it to bring charges between and times a year.

Veselnitskaya made the remarks in an interview with Bloomberg, weeks after reports surfaced that she may have been acting as an agent of the Kremlin.

The memo she brought with her to the meeting c ontained many of the same talking points as one written by the Russian prosecutor's office two months earlier.

But she has insisted that she did not provide the campaign with the dirt they had been expecting. Still, the revelation that Trump Jr. That meeting was not the first time someone on the Trump campaign had expressed interest in exchanging access to the president for a favor from Russia.

Court documents filed by Mueller's office and unsealed last week revealed that early Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos was told that Moscow had dirt on Clinton, the former Democratic nominee for president, in late April — six weeks before the Trump Tower meeting.

According to the special counsel's office, Papadopoulos kept trying to organize a meeting between the campaign and Russian government officials even after learning that Russia was trying to compromise Clinton.

It is still unclear whether Papadopoulos' efforts were connected to the Trump Tower meeting. The meeting was pitched to Trump Jr. Goldstone told Trump Jr.

Those emails were forwarded to Manafort, then the campaign chairman, who had already been fielding emails from Papadopoulos asking whether a Trump-Putin meeting could be arranged.

Trump for some time and have been reaching out to me to discuss," Papadopoulos wrote to Manafort on May Manafort forwarded the email to his associate, Rick Gates, and said: "Let's discuss.

We need someone to communicate that DT is not doing these trips. It should be someone low level in the campaign so as not to send any signal.

Trump and the campaign to meet specific people. That trip never took place. Manafort's representative has said he was trying to leverage his high-level role on the campaign to collect past debts.

Russian sources cited in a dossier compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele say that by late July , there was "a well-developed conspiracy of co-operation between [the campaign] and the Russian leadership," both of which had an interest in defeating Clinton.

The Steele dossier also said that the campaign agreed to sideline the issue of Russia's invasion of Crimea and interference in eastern Ukraine in exchange for WikiLeaks releasing the stolen Democratic National Committee emails.

The Trump campaign's national-security policy representative for the Republican National Convention acknowledged in an interview with Business Insider in September that he had given his campaign colleagues the opportunity to "intervene" when an amendment to the GOP's draft policy on Ukraine was introduced in Cleveland last July.

The original amendment, which proposed that the GOP commit to sending "lethal weapons" to the Ukrainian army to fend off Russian aggression, was ultimately altered to say "provide appropriate assistance" before it was included in the party's official platform.

Papadopoulos was still pursuing a Trump campaign-Russia meeting as late as August 15, , when a campaign supervisor told him that he would "encourage" him and another foreign policy adviser "to make the trip" to Moscow "if feasible.

In the second season, Nancy breaks up with Steve and finds herself gravitating toward Jonathan who she bonded with in season one after his brother disappeared.

Fans first thought something might be up when the two were traveling together in Spain in September The two shared Instagram posts while abroad.

A post shared by Charlie Heaton charlie. Wow congrats charlie. You couldn't see the person on the other end, but both Dyer and Heaton were posed in the same way eating ice cream cones.

The two were rumored to be dating in January when they showed up together at the SAG Awards and looked awfully cozy on the red carpet.

Then they were traveling together twice in January leaving from LAX airport. One time was right after the SAGs. The two were spotted holding hands in New York City.

So it seems Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton are dating in real life and my heart is so happy right now!! This article contains spoilers through the entirety of Stranger Things 2.

One of the most horrifying moments in Stranger Things 2 comes toward the end of the third episode. Will peeks inside a bathroom stall. Seeing a dark shape manifest in the hallway, Will runs outside, but then turns to face it.

The gargantuan black form invades his body, entering his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, enveloping him whole.

The scene is visually and aurally jarring. The sound effects—a combination of thunder, growling, and robotic beeping—crescendo, as Will is overpowered by the Shadow Monster, the major antagonist of Stranger Things 2.

And in the following episode, as Will returns to reality and tells Joyce Winona Ryder what happened, his language echoes words used by survivors of assault.

Then, pressed, he tries to explain. I tried to make it go away, but it got me, Mom. I felt it everywhere. And I still feel it. The first eight episodes, released in the summer of , were praised by some writers and psychotherapists for their depiction of Eleven Millie Bobby Brown , and how her behavior seemed to stem from her having grown up in a particularly tortured environment.

But it was also rooted in horror, notably the stories of Stephen King. Eleven, like the young protagonist of Firestarter , was given strange powers by a government experiment involving hallucinogens, and gets nosebleeds when she wields them.

Few horror authors are as informed by trauma as King, or as attuned to the ways in which it affects children. Virtually every character in Hawkins is wounded in some way.

Stranger Things 2, though, is inflected from the start with the sense that, even a year later, its characters are still deeply altered by what happened to them.

The loss of Barb is also profoundly felt in the first episode. In the library, Nancy freezes when she sees a girl with red hair, and then lashes out at Steve Joe Keery , her boyfriend.

Some events, like losing a friend or a child, need little translation. Others, like what happens to Will in Season 2, stand as analogies.

And Joyce experiences them too to a degree, freezing when the phone rings. Eleven, absent from her friends for almost all of the second season, has her own painful progress, and her relationship with Chief Hopper is one of the most intriguing elements of her storyline.

Hopper, who was revealed in the first Stranger Things to have lost his daughter to a fatal illness, begins to see Eleven as a replacement. Like Joyce with her son, his instincts are to keep her confined in order to keep her safe from the government operatives who are searching for her.

Inevitably, she erupts with frustration at being kept apart from her friends, and with Hopper gone all day. In the final episode of the second season, Hopper acknowledges his own mistakes, and compares his grief to a black hole.

It got her. This is most clearly embodied by Billy Dacre Montgomery , an archetypal bully and the older stepbrother to Max Sadie Sink.

For most of the second season, Billy is purely a jerk, screaming at Max, pushing around Steve on the basketball court, and warning Max to stay away from Lucas Caleb McLaughlin.

But in the eighth episode, the show reveals that Billy is tyrannized by his own father, physically beaten, emotionally abused, and forced to repeat what his father wants him to say.

Violence, King emphasizes, is generally a learned behavior rather than an instinctual one. Stranger Things 2 echoes this insight by emphasizing that Billy uses his aggression to relieve the trauma he experiences at home, but also that it reverberates through Max.

It spread. Until finally I confronted my pain, and I began to heal. King writes that monsters are often metaphors or analogies, as Lucas points out for real suffering, and real trauma.

The darkness, it explains, is always there, in this dimension and in others. But it also presents a more honest path to surviving it—not an instant fix, but a slow, difficult path toward recovery.

The White House said it was not involved in the decision. And in a statement, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said he did not advocate for Whitefish, which is based in his hometown, to receive the contract.

The Radicalization Process: Recent polling from the Pew Research Center shows that 97 percent of Democrats are more liberal than the median Republican—and for that, Donald Trump is likely to blame.

David A. Senator Romney? McKay Coppins. Uri Friedman. Radio Atlantic: The journalism of Jodi Kantor, Katie Benner, and their colleagues at The New York Times has been a major catalyst for putting sexual harassment at the top of the national agenda.

Kantor and her reporting partner Megan Twohey shared a byline on the October 5 investigation revealing three decades of sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

As a technology reporter based in Silicon Valley, Benner has chronicled numerous reports of predatory behavior by investors, founders, and other influential figures in the tech industry.

In this episode of Radio Atlantic , Kantor and Benner join Alex and Matt to discuss what they've discovered in their reporting, and where they think it will lead.

Want to support a sustainable future for journalism, and get to know The Atlantic a little better in the process? This week, Masthead members got an update on Puerto Rico and will debate how to protect the right to self-defense in gun regulations.

Sign up now. Sharon LaFraniere and Andrew E. Kramer, The New York Times. Olivia Nuzzi, New York. An Unknown Number: Funeral directors in Puerto Rico are reportedly burning the bodies of people killed by Hurricane Maria , many of whom have not been counted in the official death toll.

Nidhi Prakash, BuzzFeed. But all that confusion is good for President Trump. Chris Cillizza, CNN. As Bernie Sanders defines it—or the way Fox News defines it?

We need to get back to discussing issues, policies, the facts that matter. Susan P. We need to be a country of more than two choices.

Finally, Paul Schickler takes issue with the question itself. Everything I read suggests that we cannot any time soon.

Certainly we cannot under this president, who exploits division. A different president, after being elected by a suspicious populace, may, eventually, through speech and wiser policies, begin to heal us.

The second season of "Stranger Things" is streaming now on Netflix, and the cast and creators recently celebrated the premiere in Los Angeles.

While the adventurous characters are often dirtied up from exploring the Upside Down or dressed up in 80s style costumes, the cast cleans up nicely on the red carpet.

He found that flow generally occurs when a person is doing his or her favorite activity. For one to enter the state of flow, there are various factors that must be considered.

Here are five ways you can do it. If the challenges exceed skills, it can lead to overstimulation — making one anxious, nervous, or easily irritated; and if skills exceed challenges, it can lead to understimulation — making one bored, fatigued, and unmotivated.

The secret to getting in the state of flow, then, is getting just the right amount of stimulation for the task at hand. Take a shower or a 10 to minute nap to relax your mind, or get up to take a quick walk outside and keep your mind off of things for a while.

You can also try these short meditations that you can do at your desk to reduce stress. Look for ways to make your task more challenging or find something else entirely different to challenge yourself with.

Get up and walk, dance, or do some stretching — work those muscles and move around. Grab a snack, but avoid consuming too much sugar — the sugar rush will burn you out fast.

Put on whatever music would lift your spirits and make you feel more motivated. To ensure that your surroundings will support your concentration and creativity, make sure there are no distractions around.

Turn off your phone notifications. Close the door. Experiment with different aspects so you can figure out the right atmosphere that gets you into the flow state.

Try working at the same time every day. The best time to work is usually early in the morning or late at night, as there is minimal distraction during these times.

A recent study by Mareike Wieth and Rose Zacks also suggests that we are more innovative and creative when we are not at our best, with respect to our circadian rhythms.

You can also try to incorporate other external stimulants such as your choice of music, the smell of scented candles, coffee or tea, and even the clothes you wear.

Other tools that might be useful to you are digital productivity apps that can help you facilitate your work.

There are plenty of productivity apps out there that you can try to organize your stuff, bring more structure to your work, or help you focus better.

Exercise also works indirectly to improve mood and sleep, reducing stress and anxiety and allowing you to get into the zone more easily.

Try getting out of your head sometimes and engage in at least minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity per week.

Hit the gym, do yoga, or do a quick jog around the neighborhood. To get the flow going, you need to integrate your body with your mind.

Energy runs throughout your body, not just on your mind. Your brain and mind feed on each other, and once they both get going, you will have the boundless energy you need to channel wherever you want it to — allowing you enter the flow more easily.

Many of the things we find interesting are not so by nature, but because we took the trouble of paying attention to them. The state of flow , when achieved on a regular basis, is said to be a key component of happiness.

When you are able to focus on a particular task, you achieve true productivity. True productivity is actually achieving your goals instead of doing things just for the sake of beating the deadlines.

It means quality instead of quantity. Flow is the secret to all of that. What do you do to focus on a particular task and get in the zone?

Fuente Comunicae. The researchers, from Cambridge, Southampton and Cardiff Universities in the UK and the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology in Russia, have used quantum particles known as polaritons - which are half light and half matter - to act as a type of 'beacon' showing the way to the simplest solution to complex problems.

This entirely new design could form the basis of a new type of computer that can solve problems that are currently unsolvable, in diverse fields such as biology, finance or space travel.

The results are reported in the journal Nature Materials. Our technological progress - from modelling protein folding and behaviour of financial markets to devising new materials and sending fully automated missions into deep space - depends on our ability to find the optimal solution of a mathematical formulation of a problem: the absolute minimum number of steps that it takes to solve that problem.

The search for an optimal solution is analogous to looking for the lowest point in a mountainous terrain with many valleys, trenches, and drops.

A hiker may go downhill and think that they have reached the lowest point of the entire landscape, but there may be a deeper drop just behind the next mountain.

Such a search may seem daunting in natural terrain, but imagine its complexity in high-dimensional space. Modern supercomputers can only deal with a small subset of such problems when the dimension of the function to be minimised is small or when the underlying structure of the problem allows it to find the optimal solution quickly even for a function of large dimensionality.

Even a hypothetical quantum computer, if realised, offers at best the quadratic speed-up for the "brute-force" search for the global minimum.

Berloff and her colleagues approached the problem from an unexpected angle: What if instead of moving along the mountainous terrain in search of the lowest point, one fills the landscape with a magical dust that only shines at the deepest level, becoming an easily detectible marker of the solution?

Their 'magic dust' polaritons are created by shining a laser at stacked layers of selected atoms such as gallium, arsenic, indium, and aluminium.

The electrons in these layers absorb and emit light of a specific colour. Polaritons are ten thousand times lighter than electrons and may achieve sufficient densities to form a new state of matter known as a Bose-Einstein condensate, where the quantum phases of polaritons synchronise and create a single macroscopic quantum object that can be detected through photoluminescence measurements.

The next question the researchers had to address was how to create a potential landscape that corresponds to the function to be minimised and to force polaritons to condense at its lowest point.

To do this, the group focused on a particular type of optimisation problem, but a type that is general enough so that any other hard problem can be related to it, namely minimisation of the XY model which is one of the most fundamental models of statistical mechanics.

The authors have shown that they can create polaritons at vertices of an arbitrary graph: as polaritons condense, the quantum phases of polaritons arrange themselves in a configuration that correspond to the absolute minimum of the objective function.

The ultimate goal is a microchip quantum simulator operating at ambient conditions. Member of President Donald Trump's legal team wanted his son-in-law Jared Kushner to resign from his position as a senior adviser because of his controversial meetings with Russian nationals during the election and his initial failure to disclose them on his security clearance form, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Trump's main lawyer in the Russia probe, John Dowd, told the Journal that he "didn't agree" with some of his colleagues' view that Kushner should resign.

Marc Kasowitz, Trump's former attorney who took on a reduced role following a minor email scandal, largely echoed Dowd's sentiments. White House special counsel Ty Cobb called the report "completely false" in a statement on Monday night.

According to the Journal, however, some of Trump's laywers went as far as to draft a statement for Kushner to explain why he was stepping down. Kushner met twice with former Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak in — once during the election at the Mayflower Hotel in April and again during the transition period at Trump Tower in December — and once with the CEO of a sanctioned Russian bank, Sergey Gorkov, who was personally appointed by Vladimir Putin.

Kushner also attended a meeting organized by his brother-in-law Donald Trump Jr. Trump's attorneys were aware of that meeting when they began pushing for his ouster, according to the Journal, since he was the only one at the meeting who currently holds a White House job.

Trump's legal team reportedly prepared talking points to address the meeting, but never used them — instead, Donald Trump Jr. Kislyak was reportedly "taken aback" by Kushner's request because it posed significant risks for the Trump team and the Kremlin.

But he passed along the request to Moscow, which is how it got picked up by US intelligence officials. Kushner said in his statement for the Senate Intelligence Committee that the communications channel was meant to discuss the US' and Russia's Syria policy.

Nothing else occurred. The Kremlin and the White House have provided conflicting explanations for why Kushner met with Gorkov. Kushner said he met with him in his capacity as a transition official, whereas Gorkov's representatives said he met with Kushner on official business.

But she practised relentlessly and learned to convey exactly what each choreographer wanted. She played the part with poise, and soon became a prominent ballet dancer.

At only year-old she already has three children but remains youthful. When playing the likes of Giselle, Raymonda, and other characters she seems to defy gravity.

Novikova is now at the height of St. Her path is unusual. Oksana studied ballet at the Natalia Nesterova University, rather than an academic institution.

She entered the company at a turning point, when the leadership and direction was going through serious change as Neumeier, Duato, and Kilian ballets were staged.

Her coordination, accuracy, energy, and freedom have been widely praised. Most of the performances were ensembles but she always led the way.

However, she mostly ended up playing second fiddle during classical performances. She joined the famous company after graduating from Perm State Choreographic College, where she studied alongside incredibly talented students.

She enjoys a creative relationship with artistic director Aleksey Miroshnichenko, who has transformed Perm into a hub of European choreography.

Golden Mask and put on a pedestal alongside the likes of outstanding prima ballerinas Ekaterina Krysanova and Ekaterina Shipulina.

She was only years-old and had never come near a main role - in truth she was considered to be too short. But, like the above, she put her back into it and worked hard, so hard that she was soon noticed by Samodurov for her originality and natural elegance.

He pulled her from the shadows and cast her as Juliet. Soon, Sapogova was being showered with awards e. Alyona Kovaleva performs a pas de deux from the Raymonda ballet at the "Fifty-Five" gala which marks the 55th birthday of People's Artist of the Russian Federation, choreographer and director Andris Liepa.

Charles Kubic, who voiced concerns about possible legal violations of US sanctions on Russia and the Logan Act, a law against US citizens conducting unauthorized negotiations with foreign governments.

Paul Manafort, Trump's campaign manager at the time and a current subject in the Russia investigation, also expressed concerns about the proposal and rejected Papadopoulos' request for a Trump-Putin meeting in May Muy profesional y explica ampliamente el tratamiento que debes seguir.

Fue muy atento y a pesar que no llegue a la hora, me atendieron bien. Me explico todo claro y con mucha fluides. La visita con el Dr estuvo muy profesional.

Sus comentarios muy atinados. No es necesario continuar con eso es suficiente. Excelente Medico.. Muchas Gracias doctor. Liliana Ochoa.

Es un exelente doctor,y te explica todo paso por paso. Oscar gonzalez. Roberto Ruiz. Sin duda excelente doctor.

Muy honesto. Muy amable. Reconforta su trato y brinda mucha confianza. Carlos F. Roberto K. Lo mejor: Es un excelente medico, recomendadisimo!

Lo mejor: fue una excelente cirujia platica uretral ya que contaba con cistosis de por vida diagnosticado por otros medicos estoy muy agradecida que mi hijo ya puede ser su vida normal muchas bendiciones.

Lo mejor: Muy amable, sencillez y profesionalismo un saludo doctor, de Manolo Lopez de Hosnaver. Lo mejor: Excelente y transmite confianza. Lo mejor: Muy humano en su trato, despejo todas mis dudas y me dio una gran confianza, sin duda lo recomendare ampliamente y ya lo considero mi medico de cabecera.

Lo mejor: Excelente trato. Lo mejor: Excelente doctor , te explica de forma muy clara y es muy amable.

On December 1, , the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a jury's conviction of anesthesiologist Dr. Jorge A. Martinez for mail fraud, wire fraud, health care fraud (including two counts that resulted in the death of patients), and illegally distributing controlled substances. Hidalgo # Pte. col. Obispado 4to piso, Consultorio Monterrey, N.L. C.P. Tel. +52 (81) Tel./Fax +52 (81) Sergio Martinez is , avenged his one loss in the last 11 years in highlight fashion and has dominated two of the sport’s most respected middleweights in Paul Williams and Kelly Pavlik. p Dr. Martinez is a fellowship-trained multi-organ abdominal transplant surgeon. He joined the transplant team at Baylor University Medical Center, part of Scott White Health in Dr. Martinez performs liver, kidney and pancreas transplants and general surgical procedures on transplant patients. p p He received his medical degree at Florida State University. Dr. Martinez went on to. CERTIFICADO POR EL CONSEJO NACIONAL MEXICANO DE UROLOGÍA, A.C. Folio No. MIEMBRO CANDIDATO DE LA AMERICAN UROLOGICAL ASSOCIATION DESDE MIEMBRO DE LA SOCIEDAD MEXICANA DE UROLOGIA MIEMBRO DE LA SOCIEDAD EUROPEA DE UROLOGIA CATEDRATICO DE LA ESCUELA DE MEDICINA DE LA UNIVERSIDAD CRISTÓBAL COLÓN FORMACION ACADEMICA Educación superior: Facultad de Medicina “Miguel Alemán Valdés. CERTIFICADO POR EL CONSEJO NACIONAL MEXICANO DE UROLOGÍA, A.C. Folio No. MIEMBRO CANDIDATO DE LA AMERICAN UROLOGICAL ASSOCIATION DESDE MIEMBRO DE LA SOCIEDAD MEXICANA DE UROLOGIA MIEMBRO DE LA SOCIEDAD EUROPEA DE UROLOGIA CATEDRATICO DE LA ESCUELA DE MEDICINA DE LA UNIVERSIDAD CRISTÓBAL COLÓN . URÓLOGOS ASOCIADOS está avalado por el prestigio de sus profesionales, su dotación tecnológica y su vocación orientada hacia el paciente. Pretendemos ofrecer una asistencia médica basada en los principios de respeto, eficiencia y calidad. En esta nueva etapa nos enorgullece ofrecer un equipamiento nuevo y la tecnología más sofisticada en un. Dr. José Carlos Martín Martínez, Urólogo en Collado Villalba. Lee opiniones y publica la tuya para encontrar a los mejores médicos en España. Reserva cita con Dr. José Carlos Martín Martínez, Urólogo en Collado Villalba - Opiniones, información de contacto, servicios y precios.5/5(1).

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Nature Neuroscience, 20 8


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